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Performace Profile
  • HEIGHT > 6FEET/1.83m
  • WEIGHT > 187LB/85kg
  • FEET > 43 (EUR)
  • SHIRT >  L/XL
  • JACKET > 52/54 (EUR)
General Skills

Actor / Model / Production Dep. or Director Asst.  / Technical y Photography

Performance Skills: Comedian, Improvisation, Stunts (amateur), Precision Driver, Water Jet Ski navigator (Seating and Standing types + ES Certification), SkyDive (non qualified), Medical Equipment, Bus, Truck and Dangerous Goods Driver (qualified), Diving (AOWD-Padi), Martial Arts, Motorcyclist, Firearms.
Athletic Skills: Certificate in First Aid and Aquatic Lifeguard, Basic Boat Navigator Licence, Fencing, Equestrian, Swimming, Martial Arts, Padi AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver), Snow Skiing
Accents: Cuban, Texan, British, Scottish, Spanish, I have very much facility to imitate accents, African, German, Middle Eastern, Russian, Italian, French, Argentinian, Mexican (check the «VOICES» section in this web site).
Dance: House, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Disco (all amateur).

Commercial – Sales Manager and/or Marketing Dep.– Teamwork and/or Coordination – Managment of Activities and Suppliers, Education, Teaching, Transmision of Acknowledgements, Motivation, Involvement and Integration in the synergy and goals from a company. Knower of different areas.

  • Basic boat navigator license, for motorboats and sailing
  • Diver license and insurance. Padi Qualification: AOWD Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Swimming instructor
  • Technical assistant in electrics
  • Certificate in first aid and aquatic lifeguard
  • Airplanes startup authorization
  • All available, codes: (A,B,C,D, DE and BTP)(CAP)
  • In possession of Intern. Tachograph Card
  • In poss. of Authorization ADR: Dangerous Goods Truck Driver with complementary Auth. DGTD with Tank Vehicles (Fuel, Chemical)
  • Course and Driving in Adverse Conditions and C.Driving Efficient Industrial Vehicles