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El sueño de Ivan

Role: Country Mandatary

Ivan is an eleven year old will play against the world champions of football, and you will live his first great love story. This is an adventure you will never forget. For the first time in history, a global selection of stars, a team that brings together millions of people watching television, play against a World Selection of … Kids! Why? To raise funds to help victims of a terrible earthquake in Africa.

And therein lies the film: Ivan, a boy of eleven, is chosen to participate in the Youth World Team. We will attend to the more unpredictable and crazy party that is remembered in the history of football. But also one of the most spectacular. At the same time, Ivan will have to win and compete with Morenilla, a boy at his school who is after the same girl, which shows a head and is also much better playing football.

A story of adventure and football for the whole family.