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Silencio en la nieve

Role: Hungarian Soldier

Russian Front, Winter 1943. A battalion of the Blue Division encounters a series of heads of horses scattered on the frozen surface of a lake. The bodies are submerged under the ice. Next to one of the horses, the body of a Spanish soldier. A pit pierced his neck from side to side, and chest has a sword inscription: «Behold, God looks at you.» The controls handle the investigation soldier Arturo Andrade (Juan Diego Botto) exinspector police, who takes on the task with rigor and professionalism, helped by Espinosa (Carmelo Gomez) Sgt.
They soon discover that behind this murder an evil revenge, going back to torts occurred in the past, and it does not appear that it will be broken in a single body was hidden. No one is above suspicion and no one can feel safe. And so, amidst the cruel war, hunting murderer begins a quest where you will not discover until the end who is the hunter and who the hunted.

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