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Role: Policeman

Crematorio is the story of Bertomeu, a family that has managed to amass a fortune over several generations. Ruben Bertomeu agribusiness left behind to create a business structure that has made him the richest and most powerful man in Misent (Valencia). Only in the family is opposed to Ruben Bertomeu his understanding of the progress.

Born in bourgeois family, architect career, suddenly decides that his job is not enough to meet their expectations and becomes constructor. Defend urbanism as a generator of wealth. Their progress in business has been parallel with family losses. Worship, art lover, Bertomeu feel renewed energy while finishing touches to his new project, «Costa Azul», a tourist mega ending with the landscape where his parents lived comfortably citrus and olive trees. «Bertomeu not playing at being a popular character, played to hoard what is put in hand. The only thing it does is make himself master of everything. He is someone who thinks that the future of this area is in your hands, and try transform for their welfare and that of their own. I’m not saying he’s a saint, but is one of many «. José Sancho