Tarancón. El quinto mandamiento

December 20, 1973. The Prime Minister and confidant of Franco, Carrero Blanco, is assassinated and some suggest as an inducer of crime Vicente Enrique y Tarancón, cardinal and president of the Episcopal Conference. Tarancón is forced to leave Madrid as the walls of the capital are filled with a slogan: Tarancón to the wall.

That day Madrid was more than ever to the chaotic city that had to flee religious 37 years earlier, in the days before the outbreak of the Civil War. By then, the young Vincent was a priest dedicated to the Catholic Action blunted by his intelligence, training and work capacity.

After his flight from Madrid, the priest stops in the Galician town of Tui. There he took refuge during the war and found that the methods of both sides are very similar, but for him there is nothing to justify the death of another human being. During this period is when he learns that the Church should be different from another state, and thus devoted his entire life mission.